Ups and Downs

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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One of the frustrating realities of training are the ups and downs that go along with any training cycle. I’m sure they are present in all sports, but I feel like they are more glaring for runners. The reason being that there is a huge difference between running at 90% versus 100%. At 90% you feel like crap. At 100% like a world beater. In the last two weeks I got to experience both of these. Last Friday I had an awesome run. I did 16.4 miles (if is correct) in 1:48.20. That works out to 6:36 mile pace. It was hard, but I felt really good. That was a really encouraging workout considering the way I have limited my training miles. Then there was today’s run. I did 12 miles this morning and about 10 of them were a struggle. I was working hard to keep pace with an 80 year old man riding a bike on the Springwater trail. I blame most of this on a tough kettle bell workout yesterday that I was still a little sore from. At least that’s what I am telling myself. The point of this is that some days you feel great, some days you don’t. Learning how to keep going on the days you don’t feel so good is part of the process and part of getting better. Stick with it!

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