Rock n’ Roll Medical Staff

Rock N’ Roll Medical Staff

This past weekend I had the opportunity to work as part of the medical staff for the Portland Rock n’ Roll half marathon. I’ve worked many different types of athletic events before, things ranging from 5k’s, to futsol matches, to olympic distance triathlons. Most of these were part of the Sports Medicine Club in chiropractic school. Those events were different in that I was with a group of students under the care of an attending chiropractic physician. Last Sunday I was given the chance to be a provider in the finish line main medical tent. It was a great experience to work with specialists in several fields and see how we all can fit together to get a job done.
In the tent there were MD’s, DO’s, ND’s, NP’s, RN’s, Medical students, a massage therapist, and one DC. Everyone was respectful. Everyone worked together to give the patient whatever was best. Cases included hyponatremia (decreased blood sodium), heat stroke, extreme fatigue, muscle cramps, blisters, and one spectator with a possible kidney stone. I have to give the organizers of Competitor Group tons of credit for assembling a great team and having systems in place, but this was such a good example of integrated care working. Why can’t our healthcare system work more like this? I understand this was a very small scale, although there were 20,000 runners, but it worked here. Maybe all of us involved in the healthcare system need to take a look at ourselves and think about how we can better serve the population. By working together maybe we can lower costs and improve the outcomes for the people we serve.

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