My thoughts on Boston.

My thoughts on Boston…

Many opinions, columns, and blogs have been written on this subject already. Most of them much more eloquent than this will be. The internet has given so many people a forum to discuss things and this is mine, so here are my thoughts after a few days to digest.

My feelings have been somewhere between sadness and anger for much of the past 48 hours. I’ve been a runner my whole life. Ran in two marathons and qualified for Boston in 2008. Had I been training for and wanted to I could have been on the course Marathon Monday. I have at least two friends who were and fortunately were not hurt. The pull and appeal of the Boston marathon is global so I am sure many of you out there had friends and family running on Monday. I cannot understand the mind of someone who bombs innocent people. It is cowardly. It is sick. I had a conversation with a stranger about this yesterday and we both came to the same conclusion. Our only choice when terrible things like this happen, is to do good. There always have been and always will be people in this world who hurt others. No amount of outrage, increased security, or online rants will stop it. What we can do is be good to our neighbors. What we can do is teach our children that human life is sacred. What we can do is look a stranger in the eye, smile and say “hello” instead of checking our twitter feed. What we can do is hold the door open for a mother with small children when her hands are full. What we can do is offer our seat up to an elderly man.
Hurting people hurt. People with kindness and love in their heart spread kindness and love.

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