Every Day Epiphany

Every day epiphany.
All of us have aspects about our lives we want to change. Areas we want to improve in. Things we can do better. If you don’t then frankly, you probably aren’t moving forward in life. I would encourage you to think of something you want to improve in your life. Is it your health? Is it your finances? Is it a relationship? No matter what it is for you there are principles you can use to make the changes you want. Often we hope for grand changes. Huge, sweeping overhauls. Life changing epiphanies. Here’s the truth: lasting changes don’t happen that way. They happen a little bit at a time. Look at the most successful people you can think of in any category. Elite athlete, billionaire business owner, 50 year happily married couple. None of it happened overnight. They worked at these things daily. The little decisions, made consistently over time first add then multiply. 20 minutes of exercise one time wont change your life. 20 minutes a day for weeks, months, years will. Saving 10% of your paycheck once wont change your finances. Saving it every month for years will. Telling your spouse you love them once wont change your relationship. Telling them everyday will.
Don’t look for a once in a lifetime epiphany. Look for an epiphany every day to change your lifetime.

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  1. Definitely true. Those little everyday decisions can add up big time in the future.

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