Car crashes and Chiropractic

Car crashes and Chiropractic
Most all of us have been in some sort of car crash at one point or another in our lives. They aren’t any fun. Wether you were at fault or not it’s a pain to deal with, figuratively and literally. As we pass the halfway point of November we are square in the middle of collision season. It gets dark early, roads are wet and slick, people are hurried rushing around for the holidays. Accidents will happen. When they do it is important to get checked out by a chiropractor. Keeping your spine working properly is what we do. I have seen patients who have been in multiple accidents, even had their car totaled, and have never been to a chiropractor before. Then they come to me months later because they have chronic headaches, chronic low back pain, etc. By the time they come to see me we are pealing back years worth of scar tissue and biomechanical malfunction in the spine. Many of these issues can be avoided by getting proper care early on. If you have auto insurance in Oregon, you have Personal Injury Protection coverage unless you opt out of it. This insurance covers your medical bills in the case of a collision. It does not matter if you were at fault, and it does not affect your premiums. Do what is best for your body. If you have been in an automobile accident, come see your Portland Chiropractor, Dr. Phil McCary at Bridge City Health.

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