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Saturday, August 13, 2011

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As October 9th keeps creeping closer and closer my marathon training keeps getting more intense. Last week I did about 35 miles, two cross training days and a 14 mile long run on Sunday. For me, that’s a pretty good week. I want to get up around 50 miles a week with 1 or 2 cross training days and one day off a week. I think that is a good schedule for me to get fit while limiting injuries. Last week for my long run I had the good fortune of running with some guys who are much, much faster than I am. I was running with the top amateur runners in Portland. One of the guys had won the Portland Marathon last year and two of the others are trying to challenge this year. There I was, thinking I was doing pretty good with my 30 something mile week while these guys were doing 100-130 miles that week. I was hoping to do a 12-14 mile run that day. They were planning on doing 16-18. It’s all a matter of perspective. After a couple of easy miles to start off with we quickly settled into 6:30 mile pace. I thought we were cruising, they thought we were going easy. It’s all a matter of perspective. After about 10 miles at 6:30 pace, 2 more to go for me, 4-6 more to go for the other guys, I had had enough. I slipped to the back of the pack and watched as the group slowly glided ahead of me, effortlessly putting meters, then minutes between us. I had to back off to live to fight another day. They ended their last several miles at under 6 minute pace. It’s all a matter of perspective. No matter where you are with your fitness, there are people out there who are less fit. There are people out there who are more. The only thing you can do is lace up the shoes, get back out there, and get better. Someday you might find you are the the one dropping the hammer instead of getting dropped off the back.

The picture up top is from Buenos Aires. If you ever get a chance you should go to Argentina.

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  1. Hi, Jenny need some advice with my matarhon training. I’ve kicked off my 16 weeks to Chicago (my 2nd matarhon!) and am looking forward to every mile of training.My other love, however, is rowing, and ideally I’d like to Row Tuesdays and Thursday mornings, just for relaxation and form on the water. The problem I’m having is that I want to do my long runs on Saturdays, and I can’t find a schedule that has crosstraining or light runs on Tues and Thursdays. Would you be able to suggest a weekly calendar to follow, and I can fill in the buildup mileage?thanks so much for your help

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